Foodgasm: Where to eat at Baler, Aurora

         Baler is the capital of Aurora province located 231 kilometers north-east of Manila via a mountain pass accessible by bus and private vehicle. It takes 6 hours travel time from Manila. Aside from being known as the surfing capital, it is also famous for its’ luscious cuisine. Below are two of the best restaurants in Baler. 

Baywalk in Sabang beach.
  1. Hungry Surfer Bay’s Inn

          The restaurant is owned by Bay’s Inn located at Sitio Labasin, Brgy. Sabang Baler, Aurora which offers a sumptuous dining experience at an affordable price. The restaurant is situated just near the beach where people can dine, enjoy, relax and surf. It is accessible (just beside Bahia Baler) and just near the tricycle terminal if you want to rent for tours or need a ride to town. I really like the restaurant especially the colors and the chairs with a fantastic view of the waves crashing on the shore. It is also a good place to chill out in the evening.  The place is instagram-worthy with a perfect surfer vibe.  

The cool ambiance of the restaurant.
Great food + beachfront = perfect!

           After our half day adventurous tour around Baler, we had our sumptuous lunch at the restaurant. The area was not crowded when we got there. We ordered a mix of spicy veggies called “gising-gising”, my favorite spicy crispy pata with a little bit of fried garlic and a refreshing mango shake. Oh so yummy! The food was great for a reasonable price. We got what we paid for! The service is faster than most of the other restaurants in the area and the staff are very attentive and polite. Most people got here because of the relatively cheap food and drinks. Awesome huh! 

Spicy Crispy Pata for Php420.00. (Good for 3 pax)
Gising-Gising with seafood and tofu for Php180.00. (Good for 3 pax)
The Oh so refreshing mango shake for Php80.00

         Oh! The restaurant also have different packaged meals for large groups and a buffet breakfast. I will definitely go back here for sure! Highly recommended! 

  1. Baler Surfer Grill

          The restaurant is located at baywalk area of Sabang beach  with a unique food grilling experience. One of the few rare finds in the shores of Sabang Beach in Baler is this Volkswagen-turned-grilling station in front of Baler Surfer Grill’s facade. This instant tourist attraction makes the restaurant more popular. This serves as their strategic selling point so that people would eat in their restaurant. But here’s the catch, you can have your blog and  instagram-worthy photos here!

Red Volkswagen-turned-grilling station

         We came here for dinner after swimming all day and ordered what seems to be their specialty. My friend and I wanted to order their best seller which is the bulalo barbeque with java rice, but it was unavailable since the restaurant was crowded with people when we got there. We just both ordered a pro meal category which is the liempo barbeque with java rice at a reasonable price. The food was average and they could have added more options on their menu. I guess due to being one of the main attractions of the place the foods we ordered took so long to serve. It took us an hour to wait for the foods to be served but  overall the food quality is good with a beach surfing vibe. 

The Liempo Barbecue with java rice for Php200.00.


         The main dishes are categorized in two: the beginner and the pro meals. Well, the beginner is just the smaller version of the pro meals. Check out their menu for food options. 


       There you have it guys! So when you have plans for a Baler trip, you know where to eat and dine. Just enjoy and have fun!

           You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach. So drink, eat and dine! 😉



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