A Perfect Camiguin Experience: Day 2- Old Church Ruins, Sunken Cemetery and Sto. Niño Cold Spring

      Camiguin is an island most Filipinos heard of but never been to. When I got the chance to visit Camiguin, I did not know what to expect even I’ve already seen most of the popular tourist attractions on TV shows featured at Living Asia Channel. I was curious to find out more about the beauty of Camiguin province. Upon reaching the place, my friends and I had an island tour for the first day and a land tour for the second day. It really captured our thrill seeking heart as it was the best experience we had! We were totally amazed when we personally had the glimpse of Camiguin. Wow! We did not expect to see such a beautiful and enthralling place! 


        Since we didn’t have a vehicle, we rented a habal-habal (motorcycle) for Php350.00 to roam around Camiguin for a whole day land tour.

  • 1st Stop: The Sunken Cemetery

      One of the most popular attractions in Camiguin is the Sunken Cemetery. It is located along the national road for a quick stop over. It was in the 1800’s when Mt. Vulcan erupted and nearly submerged the town of Catarman where the church and cemetery were located. This part of the town is now marked with a huge cross and anyone who wants and dares to dive into the submerged town is welcome. Just go to the tourism office opposite the entrance and rent a boat with a guide and snorkeling gears for less than Php500.00. 

       My friends and I just opted not to go to the cross itself because seeing it from the dock was already amazing. Locals are also trained how to take tricky photos and it was fun but don’t forget to give them a tip.
  • 2nd Stop: Gui-ob Church Ruins (Catarman Church Ruins)

       Our second stop over was the magnificent church ruins. These ruins survived the eruption of Mt. Vulcan in 16th century and one can see corals interspersed on its walls as one of its foundations. The church was mostly a few walls but it was interesting when we’ve seen how rustic it was. A historical landmark indicating how the past has given the island an unforgettable catastrophic eruption of Mt. Vulcan. It has been restored but to a small chapel. The side of the ruin faces the sea overlooking the sunken cemetery. Oh! By the way, there was no entrance fee at the Catarman Church Ruins.

  • 3rd Stop: Sto. Niño Cold Spring

        Our third and last stop was the Sto. Niño Cold Spring located at the town of Sagay with 30 minutes ride from the church ruins. It is a perfect place for the summer season since it is a natural cold spring that flows down from Mt. Mambajao. The water is very cold and refreshing! Crystal clear waters with small fishes swimming in the natural pool.  It was a great place with greenery surroundings. We could hear the birds singing around the verdant green trees around them.

      The resort offers 2 pools, one huge pool for adults and one kiddie pool with an entrance fee of Php30.00. There are paint jobs around the pool that suggests the depth of the area (from 5ft to 6ft and so on). There are also tables and cottages available around the pools for a price of Php 60.00 and a functional hall for Php 450.oo.

        Upon arrival at the resort, the staff offered a menu for them to cook at a reasonable price. We paid Php 500.00 for Lechon Kawali, Ginataang Sorol (Native Chicken), Brown Rice and fresh buko juice. We really had a sumptuous dining experience at the resort. Sipping hot soup from my favorite dish of Ginataang Sorol (Native Chicken) was so good because it was in contrast with the cold ambiance and water from the spring. There are stores outside the resort selling foods, snacks, alcoholic drinks and energy drinks. A souvenir shop is also just outside the resort. 

      Well, there you have it. Camiguin is a great island to explore in a short period of time. An island recommended for friends and family. It is a great place for laid back travelling.
” Let’s find some beautiful places to get lost. Never stop exploring.”



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