Five Reasons I Love My Bukidnon Adventure Trip

      It’s been a year since I had my Bukidnon Adventure trip with my friends. It was such a wonderful place to visit! Bukidnon is a landlocked province in the Philippines located in the Northern Mindanao region. There are no seaports in the province because the place is entirely surrounded by land. The name “Bukidnon” means “highlander” or “mountain dweller”. The province is considered to be the food basket of Mindanao, being the major producer of rice and corn in the region. 


        I highly recommend this place to everyone. Bring your family, friends, and other people in your life. You would really enjoy being here. Why?

          These are five reasons I love my Bukidnon Adventure trip.

  1. Extreme outdoor activities at Dahilayan Adventure Park, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon

         Adventure seekers like me will definitely love this place. It’s a really long way to get to the park but you will be rewarded by great views of the countryside. The park ground itself is well maintained. It has several extreme activities and attractions such as ATV ride, Horseback riding,  Wall climbing, Zorb, Skytower Base Jump, 320MT plus 150MT Zipline, Asia′s 1st Longest Dual Zipline, Dropzone 120 Ft. Freefall Ride, Flying Lizard Canopy Glider, Python Roller Zipride, Rope Course and Treetop Adventure. Click the blue link above for details and prices.

           I originally wanted to try just all of the ziplines but another package included two more attractions with just hundreds of pesos difference. I just tried the Asia’s 1st longest dual zipline with my friend. The experience was exhilarating. The 840m zipline was a blast for Php 500.00 per pax. It felt like we were flying and we were able to see the pine trees below us. Part of the package was a certificate with the actual picture of us upon reaching the end of the 840m.  Unfortunately, we were not able to try other attractions at the adjacent forest park since we were running out of time going to our next destination. 

           I’m proud to say that I conquered the Asia’s Longest Zipline. Overall, it was a great experience with a great view and a great memories for thrill seekers like me!


          How to get to Dahilayan Adventure Park:

        There are no direct flights going to Bukidnon. You have to book a domestic flight going to Laguindingan Airport in Cagayan De Oro. From the airport, take a van to Agora Market which costs Php 200.00 per pax. There are several vans just outside the airport waiting for passengers. Then, take another van going to Camp Philips for Php 60.00 per pax. The van terminal is located outside Mang Inasal (Agora Market) while the jeep terminal is just around the corner. From Camp Philips, take a habal habal for Php500.00 going to and fro Dahilayan Adventure Park. The habal habal is only good for two persons per ride. 

  1. Cozy, comfortable and affordable accommodation 

       Dahilayan Forest Park Resort has an array of accommodations for small and big groups. Rooms are very clean and well appointed with good quality beds and pillows. In Spite of the cool mountain weather, rooms are equipped with aircons and ceiling fans as an option. Each of the guestrooms is equipped with private toilets and baths with hot and cold shower, toiletries, telephone and Cable TV. Very few cable channels but who wants to watch tv when all you want to do is take in the beauty of your surroundings. Private balconies are also available for each rooms with stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. Definitely a thumbs up for this lovely place in Bukidnon! For other accommodations in Bukidnon, you can reserve a room and book at TRAVELBOOK.PH for affordable and discounted rates.

         Since we have to return back to Cagayan De Oro for our next destination, we stayed at St. Nicolas Inn (CDO) a simple and sweet hotel, offering all the basic facilities and amenities any guest would want in a hotel. Each room is equipped with air-conditioned, a television and a toilet and bath with hot and cold shower, towels, and toiletries. I appreciate that they had a decent wifi connection that was accessible from our room. It is a good location near the market, walking distance to restaurants and easy to find. Overall, I will recommend this budget hotel to anyone travelling to Bukidnon or CDO.  For other accommodations in Cagayan De Oro, you can book at TRAVELBOOK.PH for affodable and discounted rates.

  1. Indulge in Gastronomic delights at Pine Grove Mountain Lodge, Dahilayan Forest Park

          Apart from the amazing view in the park,  the restaurant offers delicious food at reasonable price. The meals are excellently prepared and presented, complete with fine table linens. We had a great fine dining experience with delightful cuisine. We ordered spicy chicken buffalo wings with butter and veggies and crispy pork sisig. We also ordered choco lava cake for dessert.  They all tasted excellently.  I would really love to go back here for a sumptuous dining experience.The service & food was beyond superb!

  1. Bukidnon is perfect for nature lovers

          If you are tired of the noises and pollution in the city, you can just travel here for a relaxing view and refreshing air of Bukidnon province.The place is pristine with a wonderful mountain view. Weather in Bukidnon is cool most of the time & we were fortunate to have that. I felt I was in Baguio or Tagaytay Highlands. Lots of pine trees too with greenery surrounding landscapes.

    Oh! Did you know? Bukidnon is home to the world’s biggest pineapple plantation.  So, we had a side trip to Del monte plantation farm in Camp Philips before going to Dahilayan Adventure Park. We passed by a huge pineapple plantation which was a site to see (not being used to seeing a lot of pineapples). We stopped-by a garden overlooks the pineapple fields spread to the horizon.


           Dahilayan Adventure park is a perfect scenery! The view from the highest point of this place is magnificent. The best place to stay still and be “one with nature.”

  1. Bukidnon is one of the safe provinces in Northern Mindanao for travelers

          Contrary to what most travel advisories say about Mindanao, Bukidnon is a safe place for travelers and tourists like us (foreign or local). The people here are friendly and some of the sceneries are best to be seen in Bukidnon. This province is almost exclusively Catholic and well worth visiting if wanting to get away from the overcrowded filth of big cities and see real rural beauty.

         Well, it’s a wrap! If ever you decided to travel here as your next destination, then this is the perfect quick travel guide for you. Feel free to comment below for your bukidnon experiences and inquiries. 

“I’ts a wild, wonderful world… Follow your heart and let the adventure unfold.’



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