Foodelicious summer at Bolinao Pangasinan

     Last March 2015, we had a summer escapade at Bolinao, Pangasinan. We’ve been here not just for the amazing attractions and pristine beaches but also because of the mouth-watering foods they offered to tourists.  It was an awesome and memorable trip since it was my summer birthday blast for this year.  Below are some of the foods and restaurants we’ve tried:

1. Bicol Express Restaurant

 A beach front restaurant owned and managed by Benjie’s Kubo & Cottages. It was located at Patar white beach, Bolinao. A casual dining restaurant with cozy and breath-taking view of the Patar White Beach. For reservation please contact no. +63910 836 6257.

beach front of the restaurant
kubos and cottages for rent

     After the first half day tour, we ate our sumptuous lunch here at Bicol Express Restaurant which serves a variety of authentic Filipino cuisine. We ordered crispy pata for P360 good for 2-3 persons and ginataang gulay with mini crabs for P120 good for 2-3 persons. The foods were delicious especially the vegetable cuisine.

Ginataang gulay with mini crabs

crispy pata
The menu

2. Bolinao Sungayan Grill

A floating restaurant located at Balingasay, Bolinao Pangasinan with excellent seafood cuisine and great ambiance is a must-visit dining place. It has a scenic view of the river with mangroves around it. The relaxing ambiance of the river would totally make your trip worth it.   A Newly refurbished restaurant with affordable prices and friendly staff. You can take a trike from Patar to Balingasay for a P50 fare. For reservation please contact no. +63912 353 4433.

Bolinao Sungayan Grill Entrance
The balingasay river with mangroves
The floating cottages
the scenic view of the restaurant

     On the second day, we decided to eat a hearty meal for our lunch here at Bolinao Sungayan Grill. We ordered a Fiesta bilao 2 meal for P750 good for 2-3 persons.The mouth-watering foods were literally fresh put on top of banana leaves with affordable prices.

grilled bangus, grilled pusit, grilled liempo, crabs, shrimp, grilled egg-plant, steamed okra, green mango, arosep, tomato, alamang and padas, with free 1 pitcher ice tea and 1 platter rice
Fiesta Bilao Grill 2 for P750 good for 2-3 persons
menu 1
menu 2

3. Solomon’s Paradise Beach Resort & Restaurant Bar

A beach resort and accommodation with complimentary set breakfast. It is located at Abrac, Patar Bolinao beach front where Patar rock formations could be found. They served good food with environmetal-friendly ambiance. We really enjoyed the delicious foods for my special breakfast day.  Not only that, the restaurant bar was an open food policy and you could also buy ingredients from the market and have them cook at their restaurant.

The environmental-friendly ambiance of the restaurant bar
my special breakfast day!
fried fish with sunny side up eggs
spicy vinegar dipping sauce

For more travel guides about the Bolinao, Pangasinan Escapade, please refer to my separate travel adventure blog Summer Lovin’ 2015; Bolinao Escapade.

“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.” “Laughter is brightest where food is the best.” So make most out of it.. Enjoy! =)



  1. Hi.. May contact ka po ba sa Balingasay River na pwede mag-ask magkano rent ng boat good for 12-15 pax po. I like your blog, very informational and updated. Thank you!


    1. Hello Yanie, Thank you for reading my blog and for the compliment. I do have contact number at Bolinao Sungayan Grill.. You can ask them how much will it cost to rent a boat at Balingasay River.. Here’s the contact no. 09123534433.. =)


  2. Hi. Thank you so much for accommodating my inquery. Me and my friends are planning to go to Pangasinan next week. Thanks to your blog I was able to manage our own itinerary for a day trip in Bolinao plus the estimated expenses. I just have other questions if you don’t mind. Which of the 3 resorts are better, Solomon’s Paradise Beach Resort, Rock Garden Resort and Benjie’s Kubo and Cottages? I know you stayed in Solomon’s and Rock Garden but did you also happen to explore Benjie’s Kubo and Cottages when you dine to their Bicol Express Restaurant? Which has cheaper accommodation but with nice view of sea and safe to swim on the seaside? Are they all part of Patar White beach?

    Thank you for all your help. God speed.


    1. You are welcome yanie.. You can also read my Bolinao travel blog at for more travel guides and all informations from budget hotels, expenses, foods, tours and contacts for your reference. I recommend solomons paradise if you want more privacy and nice beach front view, just be careful in swimming since it’s kinda rocky but can accommodate only few persons since they only have 5rooms, benjies kubo and restaurant has kubo cottages and rooms with nice beach front view and safer to swim in the seaside..both located in patar… Rock garden resort is not located in patar but there’s a different resort called Rock View Beach resort with nice beach front, rock formations and mini caves which i also recommend for swimming also located in patar.. please see the infos on my bolinao travel blogs.. Enjoy your vacation.. and let me know how’s your vacation goes.. =)


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