Sagada Mountain Province travel adventure

                A summer getaway in Sagada Mountain nestled in a valley at the upper end of Central Cordillera Mountain Philippines.  Sagada is famous for its natural wonders that will surely amaze you. Backpackers and tourists can enjoy the picturesque and scenic views of the mountains, waterfalls, rice terraces, caves and its famous hanging coffins. Adventurers can also enjoy popular outdoor activities like spelunking, hiking, trekking, camping, visiting historical sites and exploring both the majestic falls and enchanting caves. Almost 12 hours travel from Manila to Sagada but it was the Best Adventure trip I Ever had. It is really more fun in the Philippines.. =)

greenly nature of Rice Terraces

How To Get There:  

1.1. Manila to Sagada Route (via Cable Tour Bus)

       The bus leaves the main station located at #269 E. Rodriguez St. Quezon city inside the Trinity College Campus near St. Lukes Hospital at around 8:30 p.m. Trip takes around 11-12 hours. This route offers stunning views of the majestic mountain peaks between the Banaue and Bontoc. The fare is P650/person one way from Manila to Bontoc. For Manila reservation please contact Mr. Jun Cue at cell no. +639288194688  or landline no. (074) 774 1290. For Bontoc reservation please contact Ms. Catalina Cue at cell no. +639185216790. Then, you have to take a jeep ride from Bontoc to Sagada. The fare is P50/person one way.
               Update: As of  2014, Florida Bus line is now the new operator of Cable Tour Bus.
Cable Tour Bus bound to Sagada
1.2. Manila to Sagada Route (via Coda Lines Corporation)
          Update: Finally, starting March 12, 2015, there will be a direct trip from Manila to Sagada Mt. Province via Coda Lines Corp. The terminal is located at Sampaloc, Manila below LRT2 Legarda Terminal. The bus leaves the main station at 8:00 P.M. for a regular fare of P760/person one way. Trip takes 12 hours so be ready for a long winding roadtrip. For inquiries and reservation please contact +639771860548 / +639394677863 or visit their facebook:
photo courtesy from: Coda Lines Corp. site
2. Manila to Baguio then to Sagada Route (via Victory Liner Bus)
     There are hourly trips from Cubao or Pasay City to the city of pines which is Baguio City. Trip takes around 5-6 hours. The fare is P445/person one way.  It is advisable to travel not later than 12 midnight so that you can reach the first trip bus bound for Sagada at 6 a.m. The bus terminal in Baguio is in Dangwa Terminal which is 10 mins cab from Victory Liner Terminal in Baguio bound to Sagada. Just inform the driver that you are going to Sagada. Via Lizardo or GL Transit a non-airconditioned buses depart daily from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. It takes around 6-7 hours from Baguio to Sagada. The fare is P220/person one way. Your drop off point would be at Sagada Municipal Hall.
Lizardo Trans Bus Terminal in Dangwa, Baguio City
Sign board to Sagada and Bontoc

Where To Stay:

     There are many affordable and nice Lodges and Inns in Sagada. You will have the option to choose from any of the places for accommodations listed below:

Note: For online bookings and reservations, just click for discounted prices.

          As for our trip, We chose Sagada Guest House which was really nice,clean and affordable to stay. It has rooms with private and common bathrooms for P250/person per night. It has a small function room for 30 pax and a lobby for hang outs. It has own restaurant serves daily meals for the guest. The staff was very accommodating and friendly. Sagada Guest House was just a few meters away from the municipal hall. For room reservation, here’s contact no. +639219694053 or  for online bookings and reservations just click here at for affordable and discounted rates.    
photos courtesy from: Sagada Guest House website
What to do: (Attractions and Views)
           Sagada is one of the most tourist destinations in the country. There are lots of things that can be enjoyed here. We enjoyed the peace and serenity of the place. It’s cool and breezy climate and most of all the friendliness of the people. For the adventure seeker, Sagada is the place to explore and enjoy. Here’s the list of must-to see spots, attractions and things to do.
1. Trek and swim at the Bomod-Ok Falls 
     Take a plunge at the  Bomod-ok Falls or simply the Big Falls  which is one of Sagada’s most visited tourist spot.  Its cool and clear water comes directly from a spring that will freshen up your body. It is an hour trek from the jump of point in Sagada Proper. Best for picnics and relaxation.
majestic falls
Bomod-ok falls
swim at the falls
2. Spelunking inside Sumaguing Cave
       Perfect for spelunkers and non-spelunkers. The Sumaguing Cave is a  popular must-visit destination in Sagada for its awesome stalagmite and stalactite rock formations with crystalized bodies of water. Underground streams and pools are also available for those who are willing to plunge into the cold deep. We spent a wonderful few hours working our way through the cave system. The route was challenging enough to make it enjoyable. We were able to take some great photos of the beautiful rock formations while exploring the cave. The best spelunking adventure.
photo courtesy from: a website
Sumaguing Cave
 3. View the beauty of Kapay-aw Rice Terraces
        Nestled in a valley, this cluster of rice terraces can be seen on your way to Sumaguing Cave. A pleasant ambiance to see and rest for a while after an hour of spelunking.
The rice terraces
4. Check out the Hanging Coffins
       Sagada is famous for its hanging coffins. It can be clearly viewed along the road on the way to the Sumaguing Cave. This is a traditional way of burying people who is still utilized.  It could be one of the iconic tourist spots in Sagada. For the first time, I’ve seen the famous hanging coffins and wondered how they’ve done it.
The hanging coffins
5. Visit the St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal Church
         The Sagada’s iconic landmark. The Episcopalian church is a spectacular piece of art which is famous for its petals stained glass with highly unusual stone and wood altered around the window. It is surrounded by beautiful landscape and tall pine trees that will surely makes you feel calm and peaceful. 
St. Mary the Virgin Episcopal church
Sagada historical bell and Sagada wheel

6. Trek to Echo Valley Mountain

       The name of the place was taken literally from the bouncing of sounds of the walls of the Sagada Limestone Valley. It’s so unique that some tourists flock to Sagada just to have a glimpse of that culture. It’s really a relaxing place and I love to go back again.
Echo Valley mountain
Where to eat:
          A lot of restaurants in Sagada serves yummy and delicious food that happens to be healthy. I couldn’t resist to eat more because of  fresh vegetables, fruits and meats served in different cuisine.  It tastes like they just got harvested in a farm. Here’s the list of restaurants that serves good food.
1. The Lemon Pie House 
       I ordered chicken curry with rice which is one of the native cuisines in Sagada. As for my dessert, the famous Lemon pie and Egg pie that suits my taste. hmm yummy.. =)
Lemon pie and Egg pie, P35 each
photo from: a website                                                        chicken curry with rice, P150
 2. Masferre Country Inn & Restaurant
         We’ve been here twice for the reason that this place was special. The ambiance is cozy and rustic. The restaurant’s menu is mostly Filipino. Their pork sinigang and lechon kawali were my all time favorite. It never fails to satisfy my cravings. They serve in a reasonable price with servings good for 2-3 pax. Price per meal: 160-300 per meal.
chopsuey and lechon kawali
sinigang na baboy with rice

3. Yoghurt House

         The restaurant has a cozy and great ambiance. It serves freshly made yoghurt mixed with different fruits cereals as per request of the costumer. I’ve tried their freshly yoghurt with granola flavor which tastes good.  They also serve pastas and daily meals for the guest.
yoghurt with granola, P70
4. Sagada Guest House & Restaurant
         Since we have to pack up early in the morning for an adventure trip. We’ve ordered tocilog and tapsilog for our breakfast. Foods are good. Price per meal: P100
Tocilog and Tapsilog
          Before touring around Sagada, We’ve registered with the tourist information Center called Sagada Genuine Guide Association (SAGGAS), the office was located near municipal hall of Sagada. The registration is for the purpose of the guest’s safety. Rates and package tours are available in their office. Here’s the list of rates, tours and map for your guide.
photos courtesy from: a website (tourist info center)
Sagada map
Tour rates
Tour rates


  • Transportation:

Manila – Bontoc  = P650 x 2 = P1,300/pax  back & forth
Bontoc – Sagada  = P  50 x 2 = P  100/pax   back & forth
TOTAL  =  P1,400/pax back and forth

  • Accommodation:

Sagada Guest House = P250/pax per night
(with private or common bathrooms)

  • Foods = it depends on your budget..
  • Tours = see above rates..

This is my first ever blog.. Hope this will guide you for your next Sagada destination. Til’ next adventure trip.. =)

   “Wherever you go, go with all your heart coz to travel is to take a journey into yourself”. I am an adventure seeker who really loves traveling as well as knowing cultures of different places”.



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