Puerto Galera getaway (Travel guides)

     Puerto Galera  is located in the northwestern province of Oriental Mindoro, Philippines. A well-known among tourists for its numerous pocket beaches and many snorkeling and scuba diving spots. Among the famous beaches in Puerto Galera are Sabang Beach and White Beach which have an active nightlife with numerous bars and restaurants. Both beaches also have an array of first-class and economy-class accommodations.

                 As for our year-end getaway, we headed to White Beach Puerto Galera which remains popular with local and foreign travelers. New restaurants and places to stay are rapidly encroaching on the beach itself. It takes only 3 hours and 30 minutes travel from Cubao, Quezon City to Puerto Galera. Just a short trip to a paradise of Oriental Mindoro.

White Beach Puerto Galera

How To Get There:  

Step 1. Cubao to Batangas Pier Route (via Jam Transit)

             Jam Transit is located at #831 EDSA Kamuning, Brgy. Sacred Heart, Quezon City. From Cubao Terminal bus leaves every 30 minutes from 12:00 midnight to 10:00 P.M. The fare is only P175/person one way and it takes only 2 hours travel to Batangas Pier. For reservation please contact cell no. 09175260008 or at their website  http://www. jam.com.ph/jam _liner_bus_ schedule. html.

photo: from Jam Transit website

Step 2. Batangas Pier to White Beach Puerto Galera

              At the Batangas Pier terminal 3, ferry boats line up going to Puerto Galera.  There are different shipping lines offer a ride to Sabang or White Beach. We opted to buy our roundtrip tickets from Minolo Shipping Lines booth for only P500/person two-way.  We also paid additional  environmental fee for P50/person and terminal fee for P30/person.  It takes only 1 hour and 30mins boat ride to White Beach.  Make sure to confirm your scheduled trip back to Batangas port terminal 3 upon arrival at the White Beach Puerto Galera.

photo: from Minolo Shipping Lines website
Terminal at the Batangas Port

Where To Stay:

                  Accommodations on White Beach Puerto Galera are relatively cheap. Rooms can go for as low as P1,200 for four people for low season, which is a good enough deal.

                   For 3 days and 2 nights vacation, we surely enjoyed our stay at VM Beach Resort. Very basic and affordable room rates. We stayed in a very spacious room with two queen size beds with private bathroom which could accommodate four persons at P1500 for one night for peak season. The bed sheets, blankets and curtains were clean. It has a restaurant where you can order meals/soda/beer. VM Beach Resort is located at the beach front which you can enjoy the scenic white beach of Puerto Galera. For room reservation please contact phone no. (+63) 917 523 4945 or for online bookings and reservations just click here at Travelbook.ph for affordable and discounted rates.

VM Beach Resort

 You can also try other places of accommodations: 

Where to eat:

                  Along White Beach, there are many places that serve the usual island inihaw for less than a hundred bucks per meal. Some restaurants that serve cheap but delicious foods can also be found farther from the beach.
                 There is the so-called Food Trip, a 24/7 eatery that serves unlimited garlic rice so you can really make the most of your money and the food tastes really good too. The restaurant has a Super Bowl meal for less than a hundred and Busog Meals for more than a hundred for solo meal.
Foodtrip in Puerto Galera

What to do:

                 Puerto Galera is also known for its prime dive spots, so the money you save by getting cheap rooms and cheap food could be spent on exploring the underwater wonders of the island. It’s summertime and for many people who means hitting the local beach. If you think that spending time at the beach is limited to just swimming, you have a lot to learn. There are tons of other great activities that can be enjoyed on the beach.

1.  Swimming and sun bathing at the Beach
The best and most budget-friendly option of taking a swim and getting a free tan on the shore. We spent most of our time at the white sand of the beach while enjoying the view of Puerto Galera.

White Beach Puerto Galera
at the shore
Nice view at the beach

2. Take photographs At the beach

The beach is a great place for getting good photos. Everyone loves photo ops. More photos, more memories to share with your love ones, friends, family and those photos will be a great memory to take back from the trip. Remember to smile and make wacky faces plus jump shots for additional enjoyment.

Nature trip at Puerto Galera
Nostalgic moment at the beach

3.  Write messages in the sand, build sand castles or anything you want.

 Say anything that you want and then take a picture that will last forever. These pictures can be made into unique postcards to send to the folks back home.

Just playing in the sand

4.  Go window shopping in the little seaside shops

The beach is located at beach town. Typically have a bunch of little stores set up along the beach. Spend some time browsing when you’re ready to get out of the sun.

Buying pasalubongs

5. Beach Party (drink, dance, enjoy)

At night, fire dancers take to the beach strip, providing free entertainment, though if you want the best seats, it would mean having to stay and order at a restaurant. While you’re at it, try the island’s signature Mindoro Sling—a cocktail of various kinds of alcohol. There are also live bands and dj’s that will surely rock your night life.

Beach party

6. Bonfire parties

Where fires are allowed on the beach, it’s great to hold huge parties where people come to play music, dance, roast marshmallows and just have a great time.

7.  Banana boat ride, surfing Or any other type of water sport such as kayaking, jet ski racing, waterskiing or kite surfing.

Get out on the water and really have yourself an adventure instead of just being lazy!

8.   Search for historic sites like city tour or island hopping

Puerto Galera is the kind of island that is best shared, especially because activities and food comes cheaper by the dozen. To go island-hopping, you need to rent a boat for around P2,000, an amount that will come out cheaper when you fill the boat to its maximum capacity, which is normally 6 people Or for a city tour for P1,500 in a group.

9.   Finally, just relax at the beach

You don’t have to daydream or take pictures or do anything at all. You can just sit there and relax. You’re on vacation after all!

Some Tips:

1. ATMs are also rare on the island, so unless you want to take a pricey trike trip inland, make sure to bring a lot of cash on hand.

2. Water is relatively pricey on the island, so bring a big bottle that will last you the entire trip—or else select a hotel that has a water station where you can refill.

3. Lastly, haggle! Do not be afraid to strike a bargain if there are things you are willing to compromise. If you don’t mind taking a room on a higher floor or can forego air-conditioning, ask the hotel owners for a lower price, and they will probably give it.


  • Transportation:
Cubao – Batangas port (bus)                   = P175 x 2 = P350/pax  back & forth

Batangas port –  puerto galera (boat)  = P 275 x 2 = P550/pax   back & forth

Terminal Fee                                                                 = P30/pax

Environmental Fee                                                      = P50/pax


TOTAL  = P980/pax  Back & forth

  • Accommodation:
                VM Beach Resort  = P1500/night good for four persons

(double qeen size bed with aircon, tv and  private bathroom)


  • Foods = it depends on your budget..
  • Tours = see above rates..

There comes a moment on a journey when something sweet, something irresistible and charming as wine raised to thirsty lips, wells up in the traveller’s being.


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